Nya Jade

Nya Jade is the Ghanaian-born author of bestsellers THE YEAR OF FOUR and THE BLOOD OF KINGS, in her wonderfully addictive PHOEBE POPE series about a teen shapeshifter spy-in-training. Readers have come to love Nya's Young Adult Urban Fantasy novels for their edge-of-your-seat suspense, diverse cast, and a rich, elaborate world building. Reviewers call Nya's writing, "deliciously descriptive... fantastically imagined and original." 

Nya has a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Sociology from Stanford University. Prior to writing novels, Nya spent several years as an award-winning singer-songwriter. Her debut album My Denial won critical favor for its refreshing blend of rock, soul, and pop elements, and immediately landed on VH1's Top 20 Albums list. She's performed with world-class acts and in an LA Times cover story following her debut release, Ann Powers said of Nya, "[she's] in the running as the latest voice of multicultural bohemian self-empowerment." After an appearance on NPR’s Sound Check, host John Schaefer called Nya's album, "Soulful emotional music!" 

When she's not writing or playing her guitar, you can find Nya spending time with family and friends or reading. Nya lives in Northern California with her family.